About Us

About Us

Why Choose Us


we are looking forward to be one of the most high quality factories in the middle east with offering the best prices, in addition to maximizing our exporting zone to include the European countries with the best quality that raise the ratio of the Egyptian product abroad.


We produce variety sizes of high quality materials from stainless steel tubes.
We utilize the most modern machines and use production lines with high quality supervision. Our production is distinctive with the variety between sizes, weights, forms from different types of stainless steel materials.  We are one of the biggest exporting stainless steel companies in Egypt and also our factory is majored in cutting the stainless steel tubes.

Company History

Techno Steel is the first factory specialized in manufacturing the stainless steel tubes in Egypt, founded in 2004.
Our company deep-rooted from the entity the industrial Group “Contistahl group”.

Our clients

Our client trust, the quality of our products and our trade name offered us exporting our products to many Arabian and African countries such as: (Jordan – Morocco – Kenai – Sudan – Tanzania) in addition to Syria, Iraq and Libya previously.

Members of the Board of Directors

Eng. Alaa Azhary
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Eng. Tariq Refaat
Director of Engineering Management and Managing Director
a. Amr Al Ghazali
General Manager and a member of the Board of Directors
Eng. Adel Ibrahim
Marketing Manager and General Sales Manager